Strengthening Communities: Empowering People with Disabilities through Employment Project (SC-EPDE)

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  • Duration: 
    Sept 2013 – Feb 2015
  • Value: $300,000


People with Disabilities (PwDs) are among Afghanistan’s most vulnerable. One out of every five households has a disabled family member. PwDs generally have less access than others to education, health services, and sustainable livelihoods. Seventy-four percent of children with disabilities lack access to education. Of working-aged persons with disabilities, 90 percent are unemployed, compared to the national average of 40 percent (National Disability Survey of Afghanistan 2005, Handicap International).

USAID’s Strengthening Communities: Empowering People with Disabilities through Employment (SC-EPDE) project worked to increase employment and economic opportunities for PwDs in Kabul province through vocational, literacy, computer and English language training. The $300,000 project also managed public awareness sessions to reduce social barriers and negative views of PwDs and enhance their rights. SC-EPDE began in September 2013 and was completed in February 2015.


  • Conducted vocational training, job placement, and basic education and public awareness sessions.


  • Identified and assessed the socio-economic situation of 256 PwDs
  • Enrolled 87 PwDs in vocational trainings, 20 of whom graduated and received small grants to establish businesses
  • Integrated 46 PwDs into basic education courses teaching computer skills, English language and standard school subjects
  • Conducted awareness sessions for 88 family members of PwDs and 1,163 community members (566 male and 597 female)

Last updated: May 07, 2019

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