SABA Media Organization for Rule of Law


The SABA Media Organization (SABA) facilitates the development of capable and sustainable free media in Afghanistan.  With USAID’s support, SABA aims to promote rule of law by mobilizing people, raising public awareness, providing civic education initiatives, and coordinating advocacy activities on formal and informal justice systems, as well as basic human rights.  SABA will provide nationwide media coverage on these topics and will help empower citizens to advocate for themselves and the development of the country.  SABA will provide information and analysis of important socio-political issues facing the country in both Dari and Pashto.  In addition, SABA will organize training programs on rule of law, justice, and human rights for government agencies at the provincial and district levels.


  • Conducting coordinated and effective media activities for improving and developing the cultural and artistic aspects of Afghan society;
  • Raising the awareness of Afghan citizens on basic human rights through radio, television, printed materials, and online publications;
  • Conducting technical and professional training for Afghan media to increase the number of professional journalists;
  • Producing media messages in local languages to provide information and awareness for all Afghans, particularly targeting women’s rights issues;
  • Publishing books and other academic works on issues such as human rights, democracy, good governance, and journalism; and,
  • Training government officials on justice and human rights at the provincial and district levels.

Projected Accomplishments

  • Afghan citizens will be better able to understand and advocate for their basic human rights, particularly women’s rights;
  • Government officials will conduct their duties with increased awareness and recognition of the rights of citizens;
  • Media will be better able to professionally report on events and adequately inform the public on relevant issues; and,
  • Improved academic reference materials will be available on topics such as democracy, good governance, and human rights.

Last updated: October 01, 2013

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