Promote: Musharikat

  • Duration: 
    Sept 2015 – Sept 2020
  • Value: $29.5 million


Promote is a partnership between the Government of Afghanistan and the United States Agency for International Development to secure the gains made by Afghan women in the past decade while providing a new generation of Afghan women with the leadership skills to make vital contributions to Afghanistan’s development in governance, civil society, and the economy. This effort is expected to empower 75,000 women.

The Musharikat activity, which means ‘partnership’ or ‘participation’ in Dari and Pashto, is one of four Promote projects. Musharikat is designed to build a cadre of more than 5,000 activists and 300 Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) from all 34 provinces to more effectively advocate for and advance women’s equality and empowerment in Afghanistan.


  • Build constituencies among national, provincial, and local activists and CSOs focused on promoting women’s equality and empowerment
  • Strengthen more effective advocacy for women’s equality and empowerment
  • Increase awareness of and support for women’s rights in all provinces in Afghanistan
  • Increase the effectiveness of civil society and the Government of Afghanistan in the development and implementation of gender policies, laws, and regulations


  • Form 12 Musharikat Issue-based Coalitions with participation of 300 women’s rights-focused CSOs and 5,000 activists from all 34 provinces
  • At least 60 percent of Coalition members will improve their ability to advocate for and influence policies and practices that advance women’s equality and empowerment
  • With the Coalitions, formulate, revise, or enhance the implementation of at least six laws, regulations, or policies that address women’s rights and gender issues
  • Engage in advocacy efforts with at least 70 government entities – at the national, regional, provincial, and district levels


  • Established six coalitions focusing on the following issues: Violence Against Women, Access to Education, Access to Economic Opportunities, Women’s Political Participation, Access to Justice, and Access to Healthcare
  • Recruited over 150 CSO members and 1,000 individual members to join the various coalitions
  • Launched three advocacy campaigns for the first three Musharikat coalitions at the national and regional levels
  • Established an innovative virtual information exchange and communications platform for coalition members
  • Awarded and currently implementing 31 advocacy grants to Afghan CSOs – many of which operate in remote and marginalized communities – to raise awareness about women’s rights and advocate for change at the sub-national level
  • Delivered advocacy and women’s rights training for more than 4,800 people
  • Conducted sessions on raising awareness on coalition issues with more than 3,000 individuals, including youth, community leaders, religious leaders, students and teachers, government officials, and civil society activists

Last updated: November 20, 2017

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