PROGRAM FOR STRENGTHENING INDEPENDENT MEDIA IN MACEDONIA Project: Investigative Journalism and Cooperation Between Media and Civil Society

Start date:  December 20, 2012                               
End date:  June 17, 2015
Project budget:  $ 412,984   
Implementer:  Balkan Investigative Network Reporting (BIRN)


The goal of the overall Program for SIMM project is to increase the legitimacy of the media and strengthen freedom of expression by empowering journalists to reduce their vulnerability to political, economic and legal intimidation. The program has three projects:
  1. Media Fact Checking Service
  2. Investigative Journalism and Cooperation Between Media and Civil Society
  3. Media Legal Reform and Responsible Media
Project 2
The Project for Investigative Journalism and Cooperation Between Media and Civil Society aims to bridge the current disconnect between journalists and CSOs on issues of public interest. The component establishes partnership relations between the media and CSOs that will enable long-term cooperation and provide the public with better and more substantial information as a basis for making informed decisions. 

Expected Results/Impact

  • The work of CSOs will be more visible in the media, while at the same time the media’s legitimacy will increase as they provide more information to the public. The line of communication between media and CSOs will be more clearly defined. By serving as factual sources, CSOs will equip journalists with public interest information that helps build professional, fact-based, objective and professional journalism.
  • Journalists’ skills, knowledge and capacities will improve through use of new tools, mentoring, coaching and more available financial resources for investigative reports. Journalists will have opportunities to publish their investigative stories on existing and credible websites, present them on TV or publish them in printed magazines.        

Contact Information

Contact at USAID:  Sladjana Srbinoska, AOR
Chief of Party:        Darko Duridanski,
Information Officer:  Riste Zmejkovski,

Last updated: November 14, 2013

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