National Health Management Information System

Funding Level:
$32.8 million

June 2011 – May 2016

Activity Goals:

  • Build a web-based, county-owned and managed, national health information system that generates quality data to improve health service delivery

Activity Accomplishments:

  • Providing a platform for stakeholder dialogue
  • Advocating for greater central government attention to policy, legislation and resources that supports a strong national health management information system
  • Bridging the gap between the private and public health sectors to ensure complete reporting of health statistics
  • Using health information to improve policy and programming to positively affect health outcomes

Implementing Partner:
Abt. Associates

Key Partners:
Ministry of Health: Division of Health Informatics and M&E

Activity Locations:

The National Health Management Information System activity (AfyaInfo) works to establish an integrated government-owned and managed health management information system that is coordinated at national and county levels. The goal is to generate quality data and improve the culture of information generation, which should ultimately improve health service delivery.

USAID provides essential technical and financial support to national- and county-level governments to strengthen health information systems as part of the realization of Vision 2030. This approach is rooted in the constitutional provision that supports Kenyans’ right to health and right to information. The development of a robust health information system expands capacity for improved delivery of essential health services.

The National Health Management Information System activity has successfully completed the initial phase of building a County Health Information Network (CHIN) to meet the needs of the health sector. The network provides an Internet-based link between health facilities and the County Department of Health.  This link provides a shared platform for communications, data sharing and information exchange within the entire county health system. The introduction of ICT infrastructure gives counties enormous potential capabilities, such as efficiency in data collection, management and use of data, adoption of electronic medical records, telemedicine and e-referral, and e-learning.

To build the ICT infrastructure the National Health Management Information System activity has supported the installation of Local Area Networks (LAN) in four health facilities and the county departments of health management offices.  Provision of needed computers, internet services and multifunctional document management devices will allow the county to access and harness the cloud-based health information systems.  A second phase will expand County Health Information Network coverage to six additional health facilities in the county, providing even more facilities with access.

Thea activity is harnessing the power and potential for emerging ICT technology within the health sector.  

AfyaInfo worked with Uasin Gishu to deploy the County Health Information Network (CHIN), connecting health care workers, health facilities and management units at county level to national-level government and stakeholders. The ICT infrastructure of the network provides a medium through which the county can roll out e-health solutions to improve the quality of service by improving secure access to information and shared resources.  Using CHIN, all Uasin Gishu county health facilities will now have direct access to Internet HIS applications such as,, and through a dedicated Internet backbone.

Together, these investments will ensure seamless and timely management of data and use of information at the primary sources, such as the facilities and communities. Real-time sharing of high quality health data with county and national management teams will improve health program management and policy formulation.

Uasin Gishu County is now leading the way through ICT and showing the rest of Kenya the path to dramatically improved patient care and management, supporting every Kenyan’s right to good health and good health services.

USAID Contact:
Washington Omwomo, Activity Manager
Office of Population and Health
Tel:  +254 862 2212

National Health Information Management Contact:
Dr. Bill Martin Osumba, Chief of Party
Abt Associates
Tel: +254 722 791 787


Updated June 2014

Last updated: July 09, 2014

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