Start date:  June 26, 2013
Duration:  34 months    
Project budget:  $671,109            
Implementer:  Macedonian Center for International Cooperation


The overall program goal is democratic Macedonia free of corruption.

The specific program objective is to inform and educate CSOs and citizens on how to hold State institutions accountable thus contribute to increasing their integrity.


  • In-depth analysis of the state of corruption in Macedonia – Implementation of the Corruption Monitoring System (CMS) for measuring the actual level and trends in the spread of corruption in the country, as well as to identify related public attitudes and expectations.
  • CSO Capacity building  – Increasing capacity of CSOs for anti-corruption and holding the Government accountable, and to alert and lead citizens in taking greater responsibility and activism, as well as to influence public policies.
  • Civic monitoring of policies – Monitoring transparency of the policy making processes and state budget spending, as well as providing possibility for all interested stakeholders to be informed, consulted and included as partners in these processes.
  • Awareness-raising about the state of corruption – Informing the citizens on specific anti-corruption problems; crowd-mapping everyday experiences in giving/not giving a bribe; and motivating media and young journalists to write about corruption.

Anticipated Achievements/Impact

  • Implement Corruption Monitoring System (CMS);
  • Develop Corruption Assessment Report (CAR);
  • Develop three action plans for problems identified in the CAR;
  • Anti-corruption policy forum;
  • Train more than 60 representatives from CSO and state institutions for monitoring anti-corruption;
  • Establish CSO platform against corruption;
  • Monitor the openness of the institutions - Government Mirror Report develop;
  • Develop three Corruption risk assessment (CRA) for state institutions critically exposed to corruption;
  • Publish 10 reports on different issues on (anti)corruption;
  • Prepare Citizens’ Guide to the Budget;
  • Develop websites for monitoring state budget spending;
  • Organize 15 Informative events throughout Macedonia;
  • Develop innovative web page for tackling corruption;
  • Increase Motivation of media for writing the stories on corruption.

Contact Information

Contact at USAID:  Michael Stievater, AOR,
Chief of Party:  Emina Nuredinoska,
Information Officer:  Marija Sazdevski,


Last updated: November 19, 2013

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