Decentralization reform have increased resource base for local infrastructure projects: lakeside promenade repair
Decentralization reform have increased resource base for local infrastructure projects - lakeside promenade repair in Ternopil.


Transparency, accountability, subsidiarity, civic oversight and participation are among the fundamental principles of democratic governance. The governance tradition of the Soviet era was quite the contrary and became deeply rooted in Ukraine’s governing principles, procedures, systems, and behavior. Its legacy - ineffective and bureaucratic government processes, poor quality of public services, lack of transparency in decision making, an unbalanced government system with central power domination, and limited public oversight – continues to hamper Ukraine’s social and economic development.

USAID supports the Ukrainian people in their call for reforms focused on transformation of the national and local government in accordance with democratic governance principles including greater accountability, increased transparency and inclusivity, and decentralization of authority.


  • more participatory, transparent, and accountable governance processes through increasing efficiency, transparency and accountability of local government and the parliament
  • broad based, resilient economic development as a means to sustain Ukrainian democracy reducing barriers to trade and harmonizing regulatory environment
  • improved citizen engagement and oversight in a governance process


USAID democratic governance programs work to promote more participatory, transparent, and accountable governance processes.  On the local level these programs are focused on supporting decentralization reforms by: empowering and building capacity of government officials, civil society, and business to cooperate for more effective and accountable local governance; strengthening the legislative and constitutional framework for decentralization; stimulating local economic development; improving services to residents; promoting independent and transparent financial planning and management strategies; and increasing revenue and resources for Ukraine’s cities, towns and villages.  On the parliamentary level the programs are focused on institutional development of the parliament though improving public representation in the legislative process, expanding the role of citizens in monitoring the work of the parliament, and strengthening the role of legislature in providing independent oversight of the executive branch.


Policy for Ukraine Local Self Governance (PULSE)

This activity strengthens local governance and improves conditions for development of communities by helping central and local governments adopt and implement sound decentralization policies. Priorities include a decentralization framework that is based on local government input and laws and policies that increase resources and capacities of institutions of local self-government.

Responsible, Accountable Democratic Assembly Program (RADA)

USAID has been providing assistance for institutional strengthening of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine (VRU) since 1994. USAID assistance has included sharing best practices and expertise on drafting legislation; strengthening dialogue with citizens and constituents; assisting with effective and transparent legislative processes; and institutionalization and organizational capacity development of the Verkhovna Rada. The Responsible, Accountable Democratic Assembly (RADA) Project continues this tradition in assisting the VRU to become a more accountable, representative and independent body, while increasing civic engagement in the legislative process.

Municipal Finance Strengthening Initiative (MFSI-II)

By providing technical assistance to central and local government bodies to implement Performance Program Budgeting (PPB), MFSI-II promotes efficient and transparent local budget financing, thereby advancing local social and economic development, preventing corruption, and increasing cost efficiency


Policy for Ukraine Local Self Governance (PULSE):

  • The law on amending the 2016 National Budget of Ukraine to provide UAH 1.92 billion in subventions to local governments to compensate their expenditures associated with the provision of privileged urban public transportation services has been drafted and adopted by parliament.
  • Offices of Reform Implementation (ORISs) in all oblasts have been staffed with legal and communication experts to facilitate decentralization reform and community consolidation. 

Responsible, Accountable Democratic Assembly Program (RADA):

  • E-Parliament innovations such as live web streaming of committee meetings and Wi-Fi access points in parliamentary buildings expanded opportunities for public monitoring of the VRU and promoted transparency and accountability.
  • European Research and Information Center opened in the VRU to assist Members of the Parliament (MPs) with comparative policy information and implemented a Youth Parliament Initiative to expand civic education activities.
  • A registry of civil society experts was established to assist the legislative drafting process and increase communication with civil society.
  • The Parliamentary Internship Program, supported by USAD for more than two decades, was institutionalized by the VRU, thus securing its continuation into the future.

Municipal Finance Strengthening Initiative (MFSI-II):

  • Approved Performance-Program Budgeting (PPB), a transparent system of budget funds management, at the local level beginning in fiscal year 2016-2017.
  • Comparative analysis of budget program efficiency developed and tested using standard algorithms that ensure common guidelines to measure the use of public funds by all local procurement departments.
  • Communicated government’s new continuous budget monitoring process to public stakeholder audiences. 

Last updated: July 14, 2016

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