Faculties of Higher Education (FoHE)

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The Faculties of Higher Education (FoHE) Program supports the Ministry of Higher Education’s goal to improve the quality of education for future teachers at Afghan universities by providing new facilities and infrastructure.

The main focus of the six-year, $10 million program is the construction of two-story buildings at six university campuses around Afghanistan. The program began in May 2008 and ended in December 2014.

Each building includes 10 classrooms, four laboratories, office space and a library/IT center. The modern facilities and updated technology provide improved learning spaces for Afghanistan’s future teachers to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to educate Afghan children. The buildings were designed and constructed in line with the International Building Code’s seismic standards.


  • Assessed 16 universities to determine the needs, expected growth and current condition of existing educator training facilities.
  • Completed construction of six FoHE buildings at universities in Balkh, Bamyan, Faryab, Herat, Jawzjan and Parwan Provinces. The buildings now are fully under Afghan management and are being utilized by provincial higher education institutions.
  • Connected three recently-completed buildings at universities in Balkh, Faryab and Jawzjan provinces to the power grid.

Last updated: May 07, 2019

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