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The Scaling Up Renewable Energy Activity (SURE) works with the Government of Colombia (GOC) to diversify energy generation.  SURE helps create competitive energy markets and reduce energy costs by developing transparent power procurement policies.  The activity also builds institutional capacities to integrate renewable energy into the power grid, and promotes private sector engagement to produce affordable, renewable electricity. SURE runs from December 2017 – December 2021.



SURE supports renewable energy resource integration into Colombia’s electric grid.  The activity also assists the GOC’s transition to a more resilient, competitive, and cost-effective power system. 


SURE works with the GOC to design, conduct, and assess renewable energy auctions.  SURE uses falling renewable energy costs and resilience to extreme weather events to encourage the GOC and private sector actors to invest in renewable energy technologies.


SURE helps the GOC implement policies and regulations that build energy distributors’ technical capacities to produce and distribute renewable energy. SURE also helps public and private sector energy entities learn how to plan, operate, and integrate renewable energy sources.


SURE improves the Colombian energy sector’s knowledge of renewable energy management through training initiatives.  SURE also supports the GOC’s development of efficient regulatory models to integrate renewable energy, and provides renewable energy job training to indigenous communities in northern Colombia. 


  • Helped the GOC develop renewable energy generation and distribution regulations;
  • Supported USAID/Colombia’s Paramos and Forests activity in the design of solar energy systems in remote regions;
  • Partnered with the GOC to develop a renewable energy battery storage system for the Colombian Caribbean’s power grid;
  • Encouraged electricity distributors, project developers, and the financial sector to participate in three renewable energy auctions;
  • Partnered with the International Renewable Energy Agency to publish the case study “Renewable Energy Auctions in Colombia: Context, Design and Results”;
  • Worked with the GOC and the U.S. National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) to develop a plan to increase renewable energy production on Providencia Island and to construct more energy efficiency in homes and hotels; 
  • Supported the GOC with the first successful renewable energy auction resulting in historically low energy prices of $28 per megawatt hour (MWh) and awarded contracts that will mobilize an estimated USD $1.3 billion in private capital; and
  • Designed and launched a one-year renewable energy integration training program, in collaboration with NREL and the U.S. Energy Association (USEA), to enhance the participation of women and young professionals in renewable energy technologies, energy markets, system resiliency, distribution planning, and electric mobility.

Last updated: October 06, 2021

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