Enhancing Accountability and Transparency at the Sub-National Level


This project, which is being implemented by the Afghan organization Aria-Arman Consultancy, Accounting, and Auditing Services Firm (ACAAF), will strengthen the capacity of government and rule of law institutions in Herat Province through trainings and an anticorruption media campaign.  Training will cover the following topics: fraud, waste, and abuse protection as well as transparency and accountability in the provision of public goods and services.  The project will advance anticorruption efforts at the provincial, district, and village levels and is supported by earmarked funding for rule of law and anticorruption programs. 


  • Provide capacity building to all line directorates at provincial, district and village level
  • Enhance integrity and accountability in line directorates and aid management
  • Deliver fraud awareness workshops and conferences for government  staff, as well as promote oversight opportunities for civil society
  • Conduct a national advocacy campaign using independent media to increase awareness of anticorruption efforts, particularly among the civil service, and engage with local leaders and scholars
  • Provide technical equipment to key institutions in Herat, such as the Provincial Governor, Provincial Council, municipality, and a number of districts institutions.

Projected Accomplishments

The project is expected to implement trainings on fraud, misuse of resources, waste, and transparency for government entities.  This project will be implemented in 15 districts in Herat Province and will reach down to the village level.  The project will target 60 civil service directorates, reaching 2500 participants.

Last updated: May 07, 2019

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