Engineering Quality Assurance and Logistical Support (EQUALS)

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  • Duration: 
    May 2011 – April 2016
  • Value: $126.3 million


The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Engineering Quality Assurance and Logistical Support program provided technical and logistical services and quality assurance standards to USAID’s infrastructure projects in the energy, transportation, and construction sectors, making sure the projects followed established international guidelines.


  • Monitored construction projects through site visits by a qualified engineer, as well as inspection of the implementing partners’ testing facilities, to verify compliance with technical standards, and contract schedules
  • Conducted site identification and reviewed tender documents, bills of quantity, and designs
  • Conducted training in Geographic Information System (GIS) mapping of transmission and distribution systems
  • Managed and maintained a geospatial infrastructure database that provides vital project information and tracks security incidents to assist donors in effective planning and project monitoring
  • Provided training assistance, security, transportation, and office facilities to further infrastructure development objectives


  • Provided on-site Quality Assurance (QA) inspection and construction supervision for the 100-bed hospital in Gardez, and 20-bed hospital in Khair Kot, Paktika for the Construction of Health and Education Facilities project
  • Provided QA and construction supervision for the final section of the Gardez - Khost Road
  • Conducted more than 2,500 tests in the Material Testing Laboratory in support of Quality Assurances Services to the Gardez-Khost Road
  • Carried out assessments and QA inspections for emergency road repairs at three separate locations in northeast and eastern Provinces
  • Performed on-site QA services and construction supervision for the installation of Turbine No 2 at Kajaki Dam
  • Completed warranty claim inspections for the Kandahar Helmand Power Project, as well as the QA oversight and inspection for the replacement of an engine at Breshna Kot Power Generation Plant, Kandahar
  • Provided training and technical assistance to 33 staff members of the Da Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat national power utility in basic GIS skills, enabling them to map the electric power distribution network in Kabul

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