Education Quality Improvement Program (EQUIP II)

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  • Duration: 
    Jan 2008 – Dec 2017
  • Value: $116 million


EQUIP II was a follow-on program to the EQUIP I. The EQUIP II program was designed to: (1) increase access to schooling from Grades 1­12; (2) strengthen the capacity of communities to better manage teaching learning activities; (3) promote institutionalized district-based teacher training activities nationwide; and (4) prioritize education for girls through a household scholarship scheme and the provision of high school teachers in under­served schools.


  • Improving the quality of teaching instruction through pre­ and in-service training to increase the professional knowledge and skills of teachers and school administrators. Training is nationwide, prioritizing rural and remote areas.
  • Providing school grants for quality enhancement, infrastructure development, social awareness and mobilization.
  • Providing teacher and principal training and education, including a component aiming to increase the number of female teachers.


  • Trained 154,811 teachers with the in-service training package, of which 35% were female.
  • Provided 11,436 scholarships to females in teacher training colleges.
  • Provided quality enhancement grants to 11,543 schools.
  • Trained 21,277 school principals and administrators in school management procedures, of which 16% were female.
  • Refurbished or rebuilt 1,758 school buildings.
  • Reopened 258 schools through strong social mobilization and community relations.
  • Trained 84,831 teachers on In-Service Teacher Training course methodologies.


Last updated: May 15, 2019

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