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Public Opinion Activity (POA) Fact Sheet


USAID/Colombia’s Public Opinion Activity (POA) conducts surveys in order to provide data and analysis on democratic governance in Colombia, which is used to inform USAID/Colombia programs, public policy formation, and advocacy.  Implemented by the Universidad de Los Andes, POA will run from January 2016 – January 2021 with national coverage.


Surveying Attitudes Towards Democracy

POA will conduct biennial, nationally-representative surveys of voting-age adults to measure citizen behavior, perceptions, experiences, and attitudes toward democratic values and institutions.  The surveys will cover attitudes toward democracy and political institutions; political participation and civic engagement; political tolerance; interpersonal trust; perceptions of and experiences with crime and corruption; public service provision; voting behavior; prevalence of social discrimination; local governance; political ideology; and social values.  Special attention will be paid to attitudes toward gender equality and female empowerment, poverty and inequality, ethnic minorities, people with disabilities, and victims of the armed conflict.  The surveys will address citizen attitudes toward the ongoing peace process, political participation of ex-combatants, transitional justice and reconciliation, and the reintegration of ex-combatants in a post-conflict scenario.

Providing Data and Analysis

Results from POA will be disseminated through various formats, including public events; one-on-one meetings with government officials; meetings with civil society organizations, political parties, and other local stakeholders; and media tours and press conferences.  POA will provide permanent, user-friendly access to the survey data, as well as the analyses and interpretations for use by target audiences such as the U.S. Government, the Government of Colombia (GOC), the academic community, civil society, international donors, and the media.


  • Provide permanent, user-friendly access to data on public opinion in Colombia.
  • Provide analysis and interpretation of data on public opinion to target audiences, including the U.S. Government, the GOC, academics, civil society, international donors, and the media.



Last updated: June 22, 2018

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