Fact Sheets

Ak-Zhol: The Path to Peace through Prosperity promotes improved relationships among displaced groups and local communities in the Aksy, Nooken, and Suzak regions of Jalalabad oblast. Ak-Zhol is a conflict mitigation project that works to decrease tensions between these displaced groups and vulnerable local communities in seven areas in the southern Kyrgyz Republic.  Small grants and micro-credit loans to small business groups, provided by the project, reinforce stable economic conditions within local communities and function as a venue for cooperation, communication, and mutual benefit. 

USAID поддерживает журналистику, освещающую конфликтную тематику, расширяющую доступ к проверенной информации и способствующую лучшему пониманию тенденций конфликтов. Кабар Ордо: Площадка для диалога - двухгодичный проект по работе СМИ и трансформации конфликтов, финансируемый USAID. Проект реализует организация «Поиск взаимопонимания» в рамках соглашения о сотрудничестве, совместно с ошской организацией гражданского общества «Молодежь Оша». 

USAID supports conflict-sensitive journalism that expands access to reliable information and improves understanding of conflict trends. This project is implemented through a cooperative agreement by Search for Common Ground, in partnership with the Youth of Osh, an Osh-based civil society organization. “Kabar Ordo: Our Time for Dialogue” is a two-year media and conflict transformation project funded by USAID. The project responds to a deficit of balanced information about conflict issues in the southern Kyrgyz Republic and the prevalence of rumors that exacerbate conflict.

On December 18, SYG Ban Ki-moon began a visit to EVD-affected countries in West Africa to express support for the response and advocate for continued international assistance. After beginning his tour in Accra, Ghana, which hosts the U.N. Mission for Ebola Emergency Response (UNMEER) headquarters, SYG Ban will be joined by WHO Director-General Dr. Margaret Chan, SYG Ban’s Special Envoy on Ebola David Nabarro, and Head of UNMEER Tony Banbury, on visits to Sierra Leone, Guinea, Liberia, and Mali

USAID, along with other US government agencies, including the Departments ofDefense and Agriculture, provided over $400 million in emergency aidto Indonesia.In the months and years following the disaster, USAID worked with the Government of Indonesia, NGOs and other development partners to rebuildthe infrastructure, livelihoods, spirit, and resilience of the province.

USAID поддерживает проект, рассчитанный на 15 месяцев, в рамках которого оказывается целевая помощь по совершенствованию сектора труда в Кыргызской Республике.

USAID supports the American Center for International Labor Solidarity (i.e. the Solidarity Center) which through its seven year presence in Kyrgyzstan has accumulated unique knowledge and experience in promoting democratic change through the fundamental rights of the workforce by modernizing trade unions.

Программа USAID по местному развитию (ПМР), рассчитанная на три с половиной года, оказывает поддержку местному экономиче-скому развитию в Кыргызской Республике. ПМР призвана обеспечивать устойчивый экономический рост, как в государственном, так и в частном секторах в рамках местных, региональных и общереспубликанских инициатив. 

The USAID Local Development Program (LDP) was a three and a half-year project designed to support local economic development in the Kyrgyz Republic implemented. LDP was designed to create sustainable economic development in the private and public sectors through local, regional and national initiatives.


USAID’s Sustainable Local Development Project (SLDP) is a six-year initiative supporting local governments, businesses and civil society to increase economic growth through Inter-Municipal Cooperation (IMC).  The project’s core activities are focused on supporting inter-municipal partners to add jobs and reduce unemployment in 32 municipalities clustered in eight regions.


Last updated: August 25, 2016