Afghan Growth Finance (AGF)


USAID’s support to one of Afghanistan’s leading financial services firms, Small Enterprise Assistance Funds-Afghan Growth Finance (SEAF-AGF), helps local entrepreneurs and change-driven companies utilize financial inputs and add value through innovation and use of new technologies. Since its inception in 2008, SEAF-AGF’s success in Afghanistan stems from its ability to structure dynamic financing options and provide management with hands-on operational support, as well as provide Afghan businesses with the international connections needed to accelerate their growth and profitability. AGF offers financing solutions to growth-oriented companies operating in key sectors of the economy. Strong emphasis is placed on agribusiness and agro-processing, light manufacturing, alternative energy, transport and distribution, consumer products and retail, services and technology/communications. Investments are structured to match the cash flows and capital requirements of each business and can be in the amount of $100,000 to $11.5 million.

Strong Investment Evaluation and Assessment Capabilities

Potential investments are evaluated using SEAF’s standard analysis tools and processes that are augmented for local market conditions. With a good understanding of the types of data and information that is required for proper investment evaluation, AGF’s team mitigates the challenges and risks that exist in the country. SEAF-AGF’s investment teams pride themselves on being solutions-oriented business people who work with local businesses to achieve solid economic growth, with equally solid returns for the investors. 

Current Activities

  • Expanding products and services to include leasing and Islamic finance 
  • Recruiting and training administrative and technical personnel
  • Designing and implementing a new portfolio management information system
  • Developing new credit products and strengthening lending procedures and operations
  • Providing technical assistance and other value-added services to financed small- and medium-sized enterprises 


  • Disbursed over $40 million in total investments
  • Delivered more than $300 million in development impact to stakeholders
  • Provided access to long-term growth capital for more than 25 leading Afghan companies 

Last updated: August 11, 2014

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