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The Office for Cooperation with Civil Society was established in 2011 to support dialogue between the Serbian Government and civil society organizations (CSOs).  The Office works to develop a policy environment that is supportive to civil society; to improve transparency in financing of CSO’s by the national and local governments; and is closely involved in ensuring civil society engagement in the EU accession process. 

Расширить доступ к кредитному капиталу для малых и средних предприятий, фермеров и сельскохозяйственных предприятий Кыргызской Республики путем предоставления кредитных гарантий двум банкам участникам проекта. USAID предоставит двум банковским учреждениям частичные гарантии на кредиты фермерам и агропредприятиям, работающим в сфере переработки, упаковки, хранения и логистики.  USAID также поддерживает развитие этих предприятий через проект Агро Горизонт, направленный на поддержку наиболее конкурентоспособных секторов, предоставляющих большое количество рабочих мест. Кредитные гарантии будут доступны на территории всей страны с особым уклоном на Баткен, Джалал-Абад, Нарын и Ош.

Working through the Development Credit Authority (DCA) USAID is providing portfolio guarantees to two Kyrgyz banks to increase access to loan capital for small and medium enterprises (SMEs), farmers and agricultural businesses in the Kyrgyz Republic. USAID is supporting two Kyrgyz banks to address this constraint by partially guaranteeing loans made to farmers and agricultural businesses such as processing, packaging, storage and logistics. USAID is supporting development of these businesses through the Agro Horizons project that will select agricultural value chains with the greatest opportunities for employment and competition.  Guarantees for loans to farmers and agribusinesses will be available nationwide with a heavy focus on Batken, Jalalabad, Naryn and Osh oblasts.

The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Youth Volunteer Program (AYVP) is an ASEAN-initiated program supported by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the U.S. Department of State. It promotes regional integration by enabling youth to participate in volunteer opportunities that build awareness about regional challenges.

Approximately 60 percent of the ASEAN population is under the age of 35. ASEAN has prioritized youth engagement under its Socio-Cultural Community Blueprint to encourage youth involvement and leadership in ways that contribute to personal development and benefit the ASEAN Community.

December 17, 2014


Ebola Response

Visit our main West Africa Ebola Outbreak page to learn more about how we're responding to the West Africa Ebola outbreak, and what you can do to help.

In addition to responding to disasters when they occur, USAID/OFDA helps build local response capacity and reduce risks associated with natural hazards. In January 2012, USAID/OFDA established a sub-regional office in Jakarta to enhance in-country program monitoring, coordination, and information management. The sub-regional office works closely with USAID/Indonesia, Government of Indonesia (GoI) disaster response authorities, and humanitarian partners to prepare for and respond to disasters.

USAID помогает сообществам и государственным органам в Кыргызстане определять векторы конфликтов, механизмы разрешения споров и мероприятия миростроительства, участвуя в создании безопасного для всех общества. Программа смягчения конфликтов путем проведения целевого анализа с участием сообществ в Кыргызской Республике (СОМТАСA) – это рассчитанный на два года проект, финансируемый USAID. Цель программы – свести к минимуму риск нестабильности при помощи политики информирования общественности и раннего анализа для защиты граждан. 

USAID supports communities and government bodies in the Kyrgyz Republic in identifying vectors of conflict, dispute resolution mechanisms, and peace building activities to contribute to a safer community for all. The Conflict Mitigation through Targeted Analysis and Community Action in the Kyrgyz Republic (COMTACA) Program, implemented by ACTED,was a two year USAID-funded project. The goal of the program was to minimize the risk of instability through informed public policy and early warning analysis for citizen protection. 

Проект поддерживает совершенствование правовой среды для деятельности гражданского общества во всех пяти странах Центральной Азии  для того, чтобы способствовать развитию активной и устойчивой культуры демократии в регионе.  

The Enhanced Enabling Environment (E3) Activity promotes an enabling legal framework for civil society in all five countries of Central Asia in order to support a more vibrant and sustainable democratic culture in the region. 


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