Application invited for World Health Day 2014 Health Media Workshop

The year’s World Health Day, USAID in partnership with its ‘Ghar Ghar Ma Swasthya’ project is organizing an interactive three-day media workshop on Critical Health Reporting in Kathmandu. The discussion/training is  scheduled from April 9 to 11,  9 am to 4 pm at  The City Museum Kathmandu, and will be followed by field visits to rural Nepal for participants to observe and understand first-hand some of the key health issues in the country, including challenges, efforts of the various development actors, and impacts. 

During the workshop, participants will interact with top Nepali policy makers, public health experts, innovators and media professionals. Topics include, but are not limited to ‘Critical Analysis of Public Health System, Policies and National Health Priorities in Nepal’; ‘Understanding Health Data, Statistics, and Studies for Media Reporting’; ‘Practical aspects of Critical health reporting (Pressing for Accuracy, Balance and Completeness)’; ‘Introduction to Rural Health Reporting and Key rural health issues in Nepal’; ‘What you need to know about Global Health? Linking Global Public Health Issues with our National Ones’; and, ‘How Social Media can be used more effectively for both research and promotion of one’s work’. 


  • Open to published Nepalis in print, radio and new media (online, including blogs) and freelancers, with background and/or demonstrated interest in writing and reporting on health issues.
  • Commitment to fully participate in the 3-day workshop on April 9 to 11 in Kathmandu, as well as the subsequent field visits.
  • In a separate panel discussion event, participants will be invited and must be available to share the work they have produced based on the workshop and the subsequent travel.  

Application Process:

  • All applications (Resume/CV; a short paragraph explaining your interest to participate in the workshop; two samples of journalistic work; references, etc.) must be emailed to:
  • Use the Subject line: Health Media Workshop (For inquiries, please use the subject line ‘workshop inquiry’)
  • Deadline: March 31, 2014
Issuing Country 
Tuesday, March 25, 2014 - 12:45am

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