USAID Clean Air

2021 - 2026 | FHI 360 | $13 Million Funding


USAID Clean Air uses a multi-sectoral approach to reduce air pollution in Kathmandu Valley by engaging the government, civil society, private sector, and citizens.  The activity works to improve understanding of air quality issues, find local solutions, and develop capacity and commitment to implement policies for reducing air pollution.


USAID Clean Air builds capacity for civil society advocacy while increasing funding for green business models, greener processes, and air pollution emissions reduction.  A green innovation competition will spur new technologies and approaches while policy reforms support businesses and workers in a greener economy.

USAID Partners with the Government of Nepal on Evidence-Based Policy: 

USAID has a strong governance component, working with the Government of Nepal (GON) to support evidence-based policy formulation, enforcement, and implementation that influences air quality.  USAID supports the GON’s operationalization of the cabinet-approved Kathmandu Valley Air Quality Management Plan, particularly at the municipality level.  The activity focuses on demonstrating sustainable interventions for cleaner air that will be scaled up by municipalities through their own investment or private sector engagement.

USAID Strengthens the Resilience of Communities: 

USAID works with civil society groups and citizens to increase their knowledge about air pollution issues, access high quality data on air quality, and engage in public interest advocacy.  With these advocacy skills, civil societies and media can hold the private sector, local and national governments accountable for improving air quality, with an emphasis on equity.  

USAID Leverages the Private Sector to Promote Investment: 

USAID uses a competitive innovation fund to catalyze private sector involvement and investment by identifying and testing technologies and strategies for preventing and mitigating air pollution in Nepal.

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