Cereal Systems Initiative for South Asia Nepal

Nepal is a predominantly agricultural country, with two-thirds of the labor force engaged in agriculture, which represents about one-third of the national GDP. Smallholders are the norm with nearly half of all farms having less than half a hectare of land. Yields of major cereal crops and pulses in Nepal are low and are insufficient to meet demand projections for domestic consumption.


As part of the Feed the Future (FTF) Presidential Initiative, CSISA-NP’s technical priorities for rice, lentils, and maize are addressing the key production challenges that are critical to achieve sustainably intensified production systems. An essential step involves increasing the supply and accessibility of nationally approved, high-yielding open pollinated variety and hybrid seeds that are adapted to local conditions. In addition, CSISA – NP will demonstrate effective management practices such as conservation tillage that result in higher yields and reduce the need for labor.

CSISA-NP will strengthen the seed sector for rice, lentils, and maize and markedly increase the availability of locally-adapted crop and resource management technologies as well as the capacity for partners to bring these innovations to farmers. Project activities will focus on appropriate technologies for women farmers who have been affected by greater work burdens as a result of male outmigration from rural areas.

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Last updated: August 19, 2014

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