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Mozambique is a beautiful and vibrant country endowed with ample resources of arable land and water, as well as minerals and natural gas. It has a young population of 32.4 million (2022 est.) and is strategically located, with a long Indian Ocean coastline and three seaports vital to regional markets.  

Despite its natural wealth, Mozambique remains one of the world’s poorest countries.  HIV/AIDS and other diseases hold life expectancy to 61 years.  Violence in the North has displaced people and slowed planned energy investments.  USAID’s programs in health, democracy and governance, education, agriculture, water and sanitation, and environment address these challenges, as do special programs for youth employment, food security, and humanitarian relief.  

USAID helps Mozambique become a more stable, prosperous, and democratic country that is able to meet the needs of its people.

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