Food Assistance Fact Sheet - Mozambique

July 30, 2013

Food Security Situation 

Map of Mozambique
CIA World Factbook
  • According to the UN World Food Program (WFP), in Mozambique half a million children 6-23 months of age are undernourished and 34 percent of the population is chronically food-insecure. In addition to being prone to severe cases of food insecurity, Mozambique is faced with a high rate of HIV infection, with approximately 11.5 percent of individuals infected.
  • Over 80 percent of the population lives in rural areas making small-scale agriculture an important source of income for most rural women. Smallholder farmers represent most of the national agricultural production.
  • According to FEWS NET, food security conditions in Mozambique are expected to remain generally stable through the end of 2013.

Food Assistance Programs

  • The Office of Food for Peace (FFP) and its partners target 428,401 food-insecure and flood-affected Mozambicans in Cabo Delgado, Nampula, Zambézia, and Gaza provinces.        

  • FFP partners with the Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA), Food for the Hungry, Save the Children Federation, and World Vision-US to implement a variety of activities including agriculture development, maternal and child health and nutrition, water and sanitation, HIV/AIDS prevention training, and community-based risk management/mitigation.  These four development programs will be closing by the end of 2013.

  • In the first half of 2013, FFP also partnered with WFP to locally and regionally procure food commodities for flood-affected populations in Gaza Province.

Food for Peace Contributions

Total Contributions:

  U.S. Dollars Metric Tons
Fiscal Year 2013 $1.7 million 1,960 MT
Fiscal Year 2012 $17.8 million 39,120 MT
Fiscal Year 2011 $20.4 million 36,900 MT
Fiscal Year 2010 $25.6 million 49,040 MT
Fiscal Year 2009 $20.1 million 45,560 MT

Fiscal Year 2013 Contribution Breakdown:

  U.S. Dollars Metric Tons
Title II Development ---- ----
Title II Emergency ---- ----
Emergency Food Security Program (EFSP) $1.7 million 1,960 MT

Note: EFSP: Emergency Food Security Program; FAO: Food and Agriculture Organization; FEWS NET: Famine Early Warning Systems Network; UN: United Nations; WFP: World Food Program
Food Security Situation information is provided by  FEWS NET as of July 2013.

Last updated: June 03, 2016

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