Fistula Care Plus (FC+)

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The high prevalence of early pregnancy and high fertility, combined with the poor quality of obstetric services, increases risks related to prolonged or obstructed labor in Mozambique.  Complications may lead to obstetric fistula, resulting in lifelong disability and social stigma.  An estimated 2,300 women suffer from new cases of fistula each year in Mozambique, yet access to fistula repair services remains limited across the country.  The Mozambican health system’s capacity to provide fistula repair services is hampered by a lack of trained staff and basic equipment.  In response, USAID supports Fistula Care Plus (FC+) to increase access to and quality of fistula repair services in Mozambique. 


Through FC+, USAID supports a Mozambican organization, Focus Fistula, to strengthen the clinical capacity of Mozambican health facilities and staff to deliver quality fistula repair services.  Activities are undertaken in close partnership with the Government of Mozambique.  In addition, Focus Fistula receives organizational capacity building support and oversight from EngenderHealth, as part of USAID’s efforts to increase local capacity and commitment and increase the sustainability of health sector support.


Program objectives include:

  1. Strengthen the enabling environment to institutionalize fistula prevention, treatment, and reintegration in the public and private sectors;
  2.  Enhance community understanding and practices to prevent fistula, improve access to fistula treatment, reduce stigma, and support reintegration of women and girls with fistula;
  3. Reduce transportation, communications, and financial barriers to accessing preventive care, detection, treatment, and reintegration support;


Last updated: June 15, 2021

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