USAID/Mozambique aims to substantially increase direct funding to local partners to implement development projects. Such potential partners, however, lack the institutional capacity in areas such as organizational governance, financial management, and monitoring and evaluation (M&E); which are required in order to ensure that United States Government (USG) funds are well-used and that current development efforts are sustainable into the future. As a result, USAID/Mozambique is investing resources in strengthening the processes and resources targeted local organizations need to be effective stewards of development assistance resources.   With such capacity building assistance, future development funds will be channeled through local partners (government and non-government) using direct awards. 


In line with USAID Forward, USAID/Mozambique is taking a two-pronged approach to local capacity development. Mission personnel provide capacity development services to the maximum feasible extent and then utilize Task Orders (TOs) to address the remaining capacity development needs in the following areas: 
•    Strategic and operational planning processes; 
•    Management systems; 
•    Financial management and internal controls; 
•    Organizational governance; 
•    Project performance management and M&E; 
•    External relationships; 
•    Sustainability and 
•    Procurement.
To date, Mozambican organizations with specialties in health, education, and economic growth have received a range of capacity development services through this activity.


By strengthening the capacity of local partners, USAID/Mozambique hopes that development assistance resources can be used more efficiently and effectively by local partners, creating long-term sustainability host country ownership of development programming. Over the next four years, USAID/Mozambique plans to work with an increased number of local partners across the entire portfolio. Envisioned local partners include the Government of Mozambique, community based organizations, civil society organizations, faith based organizations, and private companies. 

Thursday, September 10, 2020 - 10:45am

Last updated: September 14, 2020