Overall in Mozambique, the primary school net completion rate is an alarmingly low 15% through grade 7 (30% urban versus 7% rural); with a literacy rate for Mozambicans, 15 years of age or older, of 58% overall, and 45% for females.  Completion rates have stagnated within the last 3 years due to inadequate infrastructure, poor teaching methodologies, limited instruction and time in school and high absenteeism among students, teachers and school administrators.  As a result, less than 5% of students demonstrate the desired grade-level reading proficiency by grade 3. To address the challenge of poor education quality, Peace Corps Volunteers (PCVs) who live in local communities, often speak the local language, and have extensive community networks which extend to education personnel and community leaders, help to mobilize communities around improving early grade reading. PCVs also help provide supplemental education services in the communities where they serve.   


Through the establishment of a community library program in communities throughout Mozambique, Peace Corps Volunteers, alongside their local counterparts and community members, facilitate activities for local children and introduce effective community and parenting habits that foster support for improved reading skills. These include support for establishing and maintaining community libraries managed by local volunteers and their counterparts, intra and inter-school reading competitions, after-school reading tutoring and mentoring programs, and training for parents and other family members to support the supervision of reading practice at home. The targeted beneficiaries are primary school students in grades 1-3, youth, parents, community leaders, school administrators and teachers. 


The activity will reach up to 2,500 students and create 30 community libraries. The activity’s desired impact includes strengthened community capacity to conduct supplementary early grade reading activities; increased number of textbooks and other teaching and learning materials provided with USG assistance; establishment of a Community of Practice among PCVs and community members to share and continue supporting activities to promote early grade reading.  Results to date include:
•    Early grade reading instruction provided to more than 1,800 students in more than 32 communities;
•    30 community libraries established; 
•    More than 1,000 books distributed to community libraries; and
•    100 Peace Corps Volunteers and Mozambican counterparts trained in early grade reading teaching methodologies.  

Thursday, September 10, 2020 - 2:00pm

Last updated: September 14, 2020