Civic Partnership for Good Governance (PCBG)


For more than twenty years since the end of the civil war, Mozambicans have worked diligently to build a more prosperous, peaceful, and democratic country which has included the development of civil society. However the ecosystem for civil society overall is weak and most organizations have difficulty effectively mobilizing and influencing governance processes. In recent assessments of civil society in Mozambique, civil society organizations (CSOs) mention the closing off of the spaces for policy dialogue, the difficulty of accessing information and a great deal of political pressure on CSOs, particularly those devoted to policy debate at district and provincial level. Against this backdrop, support to CSOs in carving a tolerant and representative space for policy dialogue is critical for the country’s democratic and economic development. 


Interventions focused on improving the advocacy and organizational capacities of motivated, committed Mozambican partners, will build CSOs’ capacity to implement more effective advocacy strategies, resulting in specific changes in government policies, procedures, services and enforcement thus contributing to longer term strengthening of accountable, effective democratic governance in Mozambique. 
The activity will partner with up to 12 Mozambican CSOs to advocate in the target sectors of biodiversity conservation, climate change, education, extractive industry oversight, health, and transparent and accountable governance more generally.  


•    Government is more responsive to citizens’ needs in target sectors;
•    Partner CSOs improve engagement with key government institutions in target sectors;
•    Citizens are more aware of advocacy efforts in target sectors;
•    Partner CSOs achieve greater diversity of funding;
•    Partner CSOs develop strategic alliances and issue-based partnerships among CSOs; and
•    Partner CSOs make significant progress on implementing action plans.

Thursday, September 10, 2020 - 2:15pm

Last updated: September 14, 2020