Career Center to Increase Moroccan Youth Employability

University of Tangiers. Photo Credit: USAID Career Center
University of Tangiers. USAID Career Center

Quick Facts

  • Project Duration: 4-years, with additional option year 2015 - 2019/20
  • Geographic Focus: Casablanca, Marrakech, and Tangier
  • Total USAID Funding: $24 million


Young Moroccans constitute over 10 million people and 80% of the unemployed in the country. Surprisingly, unemployment rates rise sharply by educational attainment – ranging from just 1.6% for labor force participants with no education to over 22% for university graduates. While job growth cannot keep pace with youth entering the job market, many graduates also lack the ability to communicate effectively with employers and find jobs commensurate with their education. At the same time, employers complain of skills shortages and mismatches. Without career guidance in higher and vocational education institutions, youth lose the opportunity to make informed choices about career trajectories, with minimal prospects for advancement.

In response to these challenges, USAID Morocco has designed the USAID Career Center program to assist young people’s transition from education to employment.
Career Center has the following objectives:

  • Establish career centers in 3 universities and 3 vocational training institutes (Casablanca, Marrakech and Tangiers),
  • Provide customized work readiness courses,
  • Foster a network to engage the private sector, and
  • Develop a career center model that is transferable and sustainable.

Program Activities

Career Center will provide students and trainees with diagnostic tools to help them discover their potential; market information on viable career pathways; work readiness training (soft skills + job search skills), and opportunities to network and prepare for a professional work environment. The program also provides a virtual Career Center ( that offers services on-line for all young Moroccans.

Career Center invests in all labor market actors, including the private sector, to provide youth with a better understanding of employment trends, demand for skills, and potential for employment generation in growth sectors. The program uses communication and outreach to accelerate change and position USAID Career Center as a platform and leading point of access for youth employability.

Planned Outcomes:

  • Youth have improved access to quality career services through sustainable virtual and physical career centers
  • Youth have improved access to work readiness training
  • Private sector is engaged in recruiting and promoting youth
  • 100,000 youth receive training and career development services

Last updated: August 08, 2016

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