Mongolia is located between China and Russia, with approximately half of its 3.2 million people living in the capital, and the other half dispersed over an area the size of Western Europe. Expanding democratic principles across the region, USAID programs focus on empowering Mongolia’s emerging democratic leaders and boosting economic development.


The influence of Mongolia’s authoritarian neighbors coupled with relatively new democratic institutions significantly threaten the country’s democratic future. USAID helps sustain hard-won democratic gains by supporting interventions that build more effective, accountable and responsive government. To help fortify a self-reliant Mongolia, USAID partners to build a network of young democracy champions who promote effective, accountable governance across the country. More than 130 young Mongolians from government, academia, media, civil society and the private sector participate in USAID’s leadership programs, becoming equipped with the knowledge and skills to constructively propel Mongolia’s democratic trajectory forward in a volatile region. Advancing democratic values beyond borders, young Mongolians mentor peers from Burma, Bhutan and the Kyrgyz Republic, thereby promoting regional stability and connectivity.


Mongolia’s dependence on extractive industries and its underdeveloped manufacturing and services sectors leave the economy vulnerable to global price fluctuations. To diversify the economy and make growth more inclusive and sustainable, USAID has helped small- and medium-sized enterprises improve their access to credit and has facilitated linkages between financial institutions and 750 borrowers, multiplying their investments 20 times over and creating more than 600 new jobs. USAID builds on these gains by providing over 500 groups and cooperatives with technical assistance that helps improve incomes, livelihoods and food security.

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