Transforming Lives

 Participants at a USAID-supported program in Amman, Jordan, enhance their multimedia skills.

In many parts of the Middle East and North Africa, the Arab Spring has led citizens to re-examine their relationship with their government, as well as their ability to access information about its activities. A new generation of young journalists, bloggers and cyber-activists are using technology—particularly social media—to demand transparency and accountability from their governments and political representatives.

The University, a USAID-supported youth drama, plays throughout the Middle East and North Africa.

The Middle East and North Africa face their own baby boom. More than half of the region’s population is under the age of 24, and more than one-quarter of its young people are unemployed.

Students from Algeria's University of Mentouri network with potential employers at a recent career fair.

Arab uprisings across the Middle East in recent years were built on the hopes and aspirations of a new generation of the region’s youth. However, due to high unemployment and struggling economies across the region, many college graduates find it hard to get a good job.

Last updated: October 25, 2017

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