• Youth from around the Middle East and North Africa traveled to the United States as part of USAID’s Peace Scholars scholarship program.

  • A recent USAID-led youth conference in Morocco brought together young leaders from around the Middle East and North Africa to articulate youth priorities.

Middle East Regional

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About Middle East Regional

Many challenges in the Middle East and North Africa, including the unprecedented migration of refugees, water security, gender-based violence, trade and violent extremism, are inherently transnational and benefit from regional responses.  

The Office of Technical Support in USAID’s Middle East Bureau takes on some of the region’s most pressing issues by conducting analytical work and research and designing pilot initiatives that advance the development agenda. These activities often support work in individual partner countries in the Middle East and share lessons learned and best practices between country programs to improve the impact of the Agency’s work in the region.

We manage regional programs in democracy and governance; peace and security; water security; education; health; economic growth; regional scientific cooperation; and geographic information systems. This important work addresses cross-border challenges, often by linking to regional institutions or networks.


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Last updated: April 07, 2020

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