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Since 2009, the United Nations and the Organization of American States have issued numerous international human rights recommendations to Mexico on torture, disappeared persons, aggression against human rights defenders and journalists, and violence against women. The Government of Mexico has addressed these concerns by elevating Mexico’s obligations under international treaties to the level of its constitution, developing a National Protection Mechanism for Human Rights Defenders and Journalists, and empowering federal authorities to investigate and prosecute human rights violators. 

Human Rights Mexico
USAID collaborates with the Mexican Government and civil society to improve the dialogue between authorities and civil society to promote human rights protection.

USAID advances the protection of human rights and prevents abuses by providing technical assistance to the Mexican Government and strengthening civil society efforts on human rights protection, public outreach and awareness-raising of human rights violations at a national level. USAID promotes the incorporation of human rights-based approaches  into federal and state-level policies, and facilitates dialogue and engagement between the Government of Mexico and civil society on human rights issues.

USAID continues to support criminal justice sector reforms through building the Mexican governmental capacity to assist victims of human rights abuses and training criminal justice sector operators, including the police, on human rights protection.

Human rights remain a critical component of sustainable security efforts and are an integral part of the Merida Initiative, a strategy for regional security cooperation between Mexico and the United States.

Recent Results

  • Trained over 270 government and civil society representatives in eight states on the Constitutional Human Rights Reform.
  • Trained over 750 security force and investigative authorities, members of civil society organizations and academia on the prevention of torture and on current international standards of human rights practices.
  • Trained over 800 journalists on self-protection and digital security to help them conduct journalism while protecting their safety.
  • Trained and supported over 450 human rights defenders. 
  • Improved legal protection for journalists and human rights defenders through support for the adoption of a legislative framework aligned with international standards to protect freedom of expression.
  • Created technical guidelines, model legislation, and recommendations to prevent torture to provide the Government of Mexico with the tools necessary to better align the country’s legal framework with international human rights standards.
  • Engaged 24 local civil society organizations to monitor human rights violations and advocate for human rights protection. 


Download the Human Rights information sheet. [PDF, 406.8 kb]

Last updated: July 09, 2015

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