09-22 - Project Management Specialist – Economic Growth (FSN-10)

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The Project Management Specialist (Economic Growth) (PMS (EG)) will serve as USAID’s activity manager, expert, and advisor on issues related to economic growth, including public financial management and climate change. The incumbent will advise the Economic Growth (EG) Office and broader USAID mission on issues related to his/her portfolio and the Maldivian context.

The Specialist will provide reporting and analysis on related issues to USAID and U.S. Embassy. S/he should be a professional capable of engagement with key Maldivian stakeholders at all levels, as well as representing USAID and the U.S. Embassy with host country officials and donor counterparts. The incumbent is expected to assist with strategic planning, reporting, monitoring and evaluation, as well as outreach and communications as directed by his/her supervisor.

The PMS (EG) will be responsible for regular reporting on his/her portfolio of assignments, as well as the Maldivian context as it relates to EG domains. S/he will play a lead role in regular performance reviews to assess progress in his/her portfolio against the mission’s development objectives. The PMS (EG) will advise the EG Office and broader USAID mission on significant trends and make recommendations pertaining to his/her portfolio. S/he assists in preparing the mission’s annual Performance Plan and Report, to capture programmatic performance of his/her portfolio. The Specialist will ensure that activity performance data is linked to the Development Information System managed by the Office of Program and Resource Management (PRM), and support the PRM Office’s requirements related to a mission-wide database to track indicators in an efficient and transparent manner.

Once a presence in Maldives is established, the incumbent will manage EG programs as assigned. This could include programs to strengthen the public financial management, support climate change adaptation activities and/or green energy initiatives in the Maldives. The PMS will ensure that USAID programs are effectively implemented in accordance with U.S. law and USAID regulations, the contract/agreement, and the approved annual work plan to achieve results. The PMS will manage and monitor USAID assistance, including the provision of technical direction and leadership to the implementing contractor/grantee teams during and following the development of annual work plans. S/he reports directly to the Maldives Program Coordinator and receives technical direction from the Director of the Economic Growth Office.

Monday, September 26, 2022 - 10:45am

Last updated: September 26, 2022