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Malawi has enjoyed more than 50 years of peaceful independence and has long been a close partner with the United States. With USAID support, the Government of Malawi is working to strengthen governance, expand the educational and economic opportunities available to its people, and promote the growth of its private sector.

USAID’s 2020–2025 Country Development Cooperation Strategy aligns closely with Malawi 2063, and aims to work with the government and civil society to build a more self-reliant Malawi that is gender-equitable and democratically accountable. The strategy focuses on three development objectives to help achieve this goal: 

(1) strengthening the accountability and effectiveness of the public sector; 

(2) helping Malawi’s youth lead healthy, informed, and productive lives; and 

(3) ensuring that a more diversified and inclusive private sector drives sustainable wealth creation. 

USAID coordinates a wide range of activities to reach these objectives through its education, health, economic growth and agriculture, and democracy and governance programs.

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Malawi Climate Change Country Profile



FACT SHEET – The vast majority of Malawians rely on small-scale, rain-fed agriculture, making them highly dependent on weather patterns. Climate change increasingly exacerbates droughts, flooding, and inconsistent rainfall—contributing to food insecurity and threatening to derail progress toward Malawi’s goal of self-reliance.

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Malawi's Pursuit of HIV Epidemic Control


USAID and PEPFAR's approach to pursuing HIV epidemic control is transforming lives and supporting the development of healthy, self-reliant Malawian people.



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