Protecting Madagascar's Biodiversity

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Tuesday, September 28, 2021
Sunset over Menabe
Mickael Camilo Randriandroy

Inside the protected area of Menabe Antimena is Madagascar's largest dry forest--45% of which has disappeared in only the last 10 years due to massive deforestation, fires, migration, illegal maize cultivation, corruption and irresponsible private interests. Menabe Antimena is only one of the critical natural resources that the USAID Hay Tao program is working to protect.

USAID Hay Tao, part of the larger Community Conservation Project (CCP), is creating an enabling and empowering environment for effective community-based management and protection of Madagascar’s biodiversity and natural resources. The program focuses on reducing vulnerability to climate change, reducing unsustainable natural resource use and combatting wildlife trafficking.

As part of USAID Hay Tao's advocacy component to protect Madagascar's biodiversity, the Save Menabe Antimena campaign is raising national attention of the urgent decisions needed to protect this area, including controlling migration and allocating more budget to the Ministry of Environment.

A photo contest held in May 2021 showcased the beauty of the biodiversity of the Menabe region and raised awareness of the need to protect the area. Read more.

Last updated: September 28, 2021

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