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Madagascar is one of the highest biodiversity conservation priority countries in the world, because of the amazing diversity of its flora and fauna, the endemic nature of its incredible native species, and the high degree of threat that has stemmed from years of political crisis and the economic degradation that has followed.

Illegal exploitation of Madagascar’s increasingly endangered forests and wildlife has increased to alarming levels since the coup d'etat in 2009. Illegal logging is threatening the health of Madagascar’s remaining forest ecosystems and contributing to the erosion of rule of law across the country. The illegal export of other threatened and endangered species that are found nowhere else on earth will result in the loss of globally renowned biodiversity. Unless significant and strong action is taken to stem the upsurge in unsustainable and illegal logging and exploitation of other natural resources, the ultimate risk may be irreversible loss of forest and biodiversity for Madagascar.

USAID/Madagascar's environment program aims to provide local organizations with the means to combat the illegal exploitation of Madagascar’s natural resources. The program will improve understanding of unsustainable and illegal behavior associated with biodiversity loss and ecosystem degradation; assist community-based organizations in monitoring illegal activities involving Madagascar’s endangered natural resources and compliance with laws; encourage local organizations to fight these illegal practices; and make the media more aware of them.

Tree nursery developed in the hot and dry Androy region, in southern Madagascar, by the USAID-funded food security program
Tree nursery supported by USAID in the hot and dry Androy region, in southern Madagascar

Last updated: September 23, 2016

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