U.S. Support for Renovations at Primary Schools in Resen and Zvan

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Thursday, November 29, 2012
Sharon Kellman Yett
+389-70-359 630

Skopje - Today, the USAID Interethnic Integration in Education Project, together with Mite Bogoevski and Braka Miladinovci primary schools  and the municipalities of Resen and Demir Hisar, organized ribbon cutting ceremonies to mark the successful completion of renovations at these schools. The school refurbishments, supported by the United States European Command (EUCOM) and USAID, created better learning environments for interethnic integration in education.

“I was personally very inspired when I heard that your school has a long tradition of practicing good inter-ethnic relations,” said Lieutenant Colonel Mark Watkins, Chief of the U.S. Office of Defense Cooperation. “You set an example for other schools and local communities that mutual understanding, respect, and integration of all members of a community is possible, and that makes us better together.”

The USAID Interethnic Integration in Education Project is assisting nine more communities and schools to improve their school facilities, including accessibility for students with disabilities. The project is a four-year, $5.2 milion initiative that is co-financed by USAID and the U.S. European Command, which will work with all relevant educational stakeholders in support of the Government of Macedonia’s efforts for ethnic integration. The project will build awareness and provide diversity training, technical assistance, and incentives to school boards, principals, teachers, and administration officials. For more information please visit: www.pmio.mk


The American people, through USAID, have invested over $500 million in Macedonia since 1993. USAID is working with the people of Macedonia to create jobs, strengthen democratic institutions and practices, enhance integrated education, and prepare students for the workforce. These initiatives improve the quality of life and support Macedonia’s transition to a stable and prosperous democracy. USAID provides economic and humanitarian assistance in more than 100 countries. For more information please visit http://macedonia.usaid.gov and USAID FB page http://www.facebook.com/USAIDMacedonia

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