Modernizing Corn Production in Macedonia

Map of demonstration plots in Pelagonia region
Map of Grow More Corn demonstration plots
Ivan Mickovski

For Immediate Release

Monday, May 13, 2013
Sharon Kellman Yett
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Skopje - Today, the USAID Small Business Expansion Project launched the Grow More Corn initiative in Pelagonija, a first step towards modernizing corn production in that region. The initiative aims to increase the supply of locally grown feed corn by introducing farming practices that, together with drip irrigation systems, will increase up to four times the yield of corn per hectare. In the Pelagonija region, USAID is partnering with most of the region’s municipalities to carry out this initiative.

“In Pelagonija, we are financing the installation of drip irrigation systems on 26 demonstration plots, like the one you see here today,” said Paul D. Wohlers, U.S. Ambassador to Macedonia.  We hope other farmers will visit them to learn how they can use these techniques to increase their own corn yields.  And we hope the Grow More Corn initiative will have a positive impact not only on corn farmers, but also on other businesses in the supply chain, such as dairy farmers, dairy companies, and food processors.

The project will also finance the installation of drip irrigation systems on 16 corn fields in the Polog region. Other farmers will be able to visit any of these demonstration plots and learn how to increase their own corn yields by applying the same approach to their small businesses. In the next two years, the project will increase the number of farmers included in the Grow More Corn initiative.  Using advanced farming practices will help micro and small farmers to transform small-scale corn farming in Pelagonija from a secondary, money-losing job, to a primary, money-making business.


The USAID Small Business Expansion Project is a 4-year project implemented in Polog and Pelagonija whose overarching goal is to catalyze job creation and economic growth at the regional level. The project seeks to develop partnerships between private sector actors and public institutions at the regional and local levels in order to create initiatives that help micro, small, and medium-sized businesses grow.  The Grow More Corn initiative is supported by Macedonia’s Ministry of Agriculture, the National Extension Agency and the Pelagonija Regional Development Center.

The American people, through USAID, have invested over $500 million in Macedonia since 1993. USAID is working with the people of Macedonia to create jobs, strengthen democratic institutions and practices, enhance integrated education, and prepare students for the workforce. These initiatives improve the quality of life and support Macedonia’s transition to a stable and prosperous democracy. USAID provides economic and humanitarian assistance in more than 100 countries.

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