Opening of the first collection center for wild herbs and mushrooms in the Municipality of Bogovinje

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Wednesday, July 3, 2013
Ivan Mickovski
+389 71 322 541

The first collection center for wild herbs and mushrooms in the Municipality of Bogovinje was opened today in v. Pirok. The collection center, owned by local company MEBI-PRIMA, is being opened with the support of USAID’s Small Business Expansion Project, in partnership with the Municipality of Bogovinje and PE Macedonian Forests.

Even though the local population is actively engaged in herb collection, the absence of a collection center where the collectors can sell the plants they collect was an obstacle for those undertaking this profession. The opening of the MEBI-PRIMA collection center will improve the situation and provide an opportunity for increased incomes to over 200 housholds in Polog, as well as stable jobs for a period of 10 months per year.

During the opening, the collection center signed contracts with 145 collectors who previously successfully completed a training programe for organic herb collection, financed and organized by USAID in accordance with the new regulations adopted by PE Macedonian Forests. The contracts provide the collectors with stable employment, while the training enables them to collect plants without harming the natural environment.

The opening of the MEBI-PRIM collection center is the first activity in an initiative of the USAID Small Business Expansion Project that aims to create new jobs in the Polog region by starting up herb and mushroom collection businisses. During 2014, USAID will provide technical assistance for the opening of two more collection center in Polog that will be a source of additional income for 400 more housholds.

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