Civic Engagement Project

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Raising awareness among youth about importance of civic engagement
Creating discussion about youth influence on gender norms and gender equality through civic engagement
Natasha Stankovic


The USAID Civic Engagement Project strengthens dialogue between citizens and the government on important social issues. The project strengthens constructive engagement by civil society organizations (CSOs) on policies and issues targeted at anti-corruption, transparency, and rule of law, and increases and sustains youth engagement in public life in North Macedonia.


  • The project has supported 68 individual CSOs and CSO networks that engaged citizens and institutions in activities across North Macedonia dealing with issues such as good governance, anti-corruption, rule of law, election support, public service improvement, gender equality, economic development and youth empowerment.
  • The project has empowered 57 young people, training them to be leaders and implement community-level activities.
  • Through the project, grantees have received support and training to promote citizen engagement online. 
  • The Civic Engagement Project conducts an annual Youth Civic Engagement Award ceremony to acknowledge the outstanding contribution of young people across North Macedonia.

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Last updated: July 11, 2019

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