Business Ecosystem Project


Launched in 2017, Business Ecosystem Project seeks to increase productivity, revenues, and jobs for micro-, small- and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs).  It will work with business associations, chambers of commerce, financial institutions, training centers, firms seeking to develop their value chains, and other organizations that provide business support services to SMEs.  It will also work with financial institutions to increase the available financing to SMEs. The project will thus try to improve the business services available to SMEs as well as financing opportunities.


Working through a contract with the U.S. firm Palladium, the project will provide technical assistance in three components centered on the following objectives:

Objective 1: Improved Business Support Organizations’ Services to MSMEs

  • Capacity building of BSOs to better design and implement sustainable MSME services
  • Grants to BSOs to introduce services that will improve the performance of the MSMEs
  • Inter-BSO networking and partnerships for joint implementation of activities

Objective 2: Improved MSME Access to Sources of Financing

  • Improve financial literacy and management of MSMEs, prepare “bankable proposals”, and access appropriate financial resources
  • Work with traditional and alternative sources of finance to develop new financial products for MSMEs
  • Conduct information campaigns for MSMEs, on the different types of financing

Objective 3: Increased Investment by Lead Firms In Supply Chain and Labor Force

  • Raise awareness among lead firms of the benefits of private sector engagement in economic development
  • Provide technical assistance and co-financing for MSME-development, workforce development, and/or Local Economic Development activities implemented in partnership with lead firms


  • Fifteen percent annual revenue growth rate of assisted MSMEs
  • 5,750 new jobs created in the assisted MSMEs

Last updated: June 04, 2018

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