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Elena Kochoska

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Elena Kochoska
Elena Kochoska,

Elena Kochoska is a well-known differently-abled human rights advocate in Macedonia. She has been a part of the Polio Plus team for over 14 years, and has been involved in advocacy oriented research, public campaigns as well as in different activities to empower citizens with disability in Macedonia, in other Balkan countries, and in the EU. Her staunch ideas about human rights and outspokenness have brought disability issues to the forefront of public and political platforms. She has been engaged in a movement advocating for equal respect of human rights of citizens’ with disability as with ordinary citizens, and for the effective implementation of the Convention for the Rights of People with Disability. She contributes to the work of ANED on Disability Policies in Europe and she is also the technical coordinator of the Inter-Party Parliamentary Group for People with Disability in Macedonia. Kochoska has a background in Economics.

Last updated: July 21, 2021

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