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Youth Ethnic Integration Project
Kids performing at the launch of the Youth Ethnic Integration Project


Macedonia lags behind other transitioning countries in educational performance, work readiness, ethnic integration among youth, and inclusion of children with disabilities in mainstream education.


USAID works with the Ministry of Education and Science to ensure that young students develop early reading proficiency and comprehension, students and teachers integrate across ethnic lines, and that there is an inclusive learning environment for students with disabilities. Since 2002, USAID has implemented programs in all levels of the education system - primary, secondary, and university.

Early Reading and Comprehension

The Readers are Leaders Project (2013-2018) works with the all primary schools across the country and relevant education institutions to strengthen early primary school student literacy and numeracy skills, the systems used to assess these skills, and to improve the professional development of educators, providing instructional and assessment techniques, and mentors to less experienced teachers. The project’s mobile library and interactive reading and math events with celebrities help develop enthusiasm for foundational reading and math skills.

Inclusive Education

USAID has partnered with the Lions Club International Foundation to implement the Children with Visual Impairments Project (2014-2019). The project works to increase the quality and accessibility of education services, provide individual support to children with visual impairments, and facilitates early eye-screenings. By equipping five resource centers, publishing all standard primary school textbooks in Braille, and raising public awareness, the project is ensuring that those with visual impairment have equal access to education and job opportunities.
The Social Inclusion through Technology project (2016 – 2018), works with youth with various disabilities who have an interest in developing a career in the ICT sector to strengthen soft, business, and IT skills through online trainings and with the help of mentors. After completion of the training modules and certification, participants will be eligible to apply for internships with ICT companies which may lead to new employment opportunities in this fast-growing sector.

Inter-cultural Education

The Youth Ethnic Integration Project (2017-2022) is dedicated to improving inter-ethnic integration in Macedonia. Through this project, USAID is promoting intercultural understanding between ethnic groups and inculcating civic education skills, behaviors, and volunteering practices of youth by: collaborating closely with the central and local government, all primary and secondary schools, parents, and leaders from different communities to create opportunities for school communities to interact and foster better inter-ethnic cohesion among youth; partnering with the Ministry of Education and Science (MOES) to support their efforts to revise the civic education contents and engage students in school and community life, promoting student involvement in decision-making processes in their schools and municipalities; and through the course of the project, will renovate 50 schools selected based on their accomplishments in the area of ethnic integration and demonstrated civic skills and behaviors of students at the school and community level.

Last updated: July 21, 2021

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