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Since 2011, USAID has partnered with national and sub-national Libyan institutions, civil society, and the private sector to strengthen the foundations of a more unified Libyan state. Through its humanitarian, stabilization, and development assistance, USAID responds to the immediate needs of conflict-affected Libyans; supports Libyans to address drivers of instability and conflict; and promotes transparent and accountable governance for all Libyans.

In 2019, Libya was selected as a U.S. Strategy to Prevent Conflict and Promote Stability, or the Global Fragility Act (GFA), partner. The GFA integrates U.S. government (USG) diplomacy, development, and defense to address root causes of violence and build peace. USAID is contributing to this unique USG-wide effort by leading assistance activities that target instability by empowering civil society, strengthening governance, increasing economic opportunity, and supporting locally driven reconciliation efforts.


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