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Transforming Lives

Youth take part in a chess tournament at Sabha’s Al Nahda Sports Club.

The city of Sabha, located in Libya’s southwestern corner, suffered a spike in intercommunal violence in 2014. Many of the deadly clashes were driven by Sabha’s youth.

Libya's Women Activists Make Their Voice Heard

May 2014Last month, Libya’s Constitutional Drafting Assembly (CDA) began the formidable task of outlining a set of principles for governing the country.

Youth in Ghat voices his opinions on Libya's future

May 2014After ridding the country of 42 years of dictatorship, Libyans are now faced with the daunting task of establishing a united vision for the future.

Children of Benghazi play at park improved by USAID assistance

May 2014—In downtown Benghazi, a dark and deserted playground is now bustling with life. Fathers and mothers bring their children to play, laugh and enjoy a safe space in a city that has been wracked by violence and volatility since Libya’s revolution ended three years ago.

Women in Yefren information center.

When word of the demonstration spread through Facebook, Inas Miloud was ready to act.


Last updated: March 22, 2017

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