Partnering with USAID

Advancing diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility is at the heart of USAID’s work, including in how we partner and with whom we partner. is a free resource hub that provides information on opportunities to partner with USAID.  For new partners, the site includes a Pre-Engagement Assessment, through which organizations can self-evaluate their readiness to compete for USAID funding. Other resources include a library, blog, and a collection of FAQs about partnering with USAID.  

Current Opportunities 

Any existing competitive grant, cooperative agreement, or contract opportunities can be found at the following websites:  

Want to Implement a USAID Project?

USAID primarily establishes partnerships via two different types of competitive awards: Acquisition Awards and Assistance Awards. Opportunities can be found in the USAID’s Business Forecast.

Competed Acquisitions Awards

With Acquisition Awards, USAID issues a contract with an organization to provide goods or services that will directly benefit USAID. The Agency solicits Acquisition Awards through Requests for Proposals (RFPs) and Requests for Quotations (RFQs). USAID Acquisition awards are announced through (for contracts and consultant opportunities).


Competed Assistance Awards

For Assistance Awards, USAID partners with existing organizations that specialize in the areas that align with USAID/Guatemala development goals. Assistance Awards are implemented through programs that take advantage of the expertise of the organizations that USAID partners with. USAID Assistance Awards are announced through (for grants and cooperative agreements.


Have a Great Idea That’s Not Covered Above?

When an organization’s work does not fall under topic areas publicized, organizations may consider submitting an unsolicited proposal or application. In order for USAID to consider any submissions for Unsolicited Proposals, the application must show how the concept is exceptional, unique, or innovative; that the concept has support by the host country government or private institutions; and that the concept is in line with USAID's development objectives.

Only limited funding may be available for even the best unsolicited proposals and applications, since most funding is reserved for development priorities already established by USAID.

USAID has prepared full guides to learn more about Unsolicited Contract Proposals and Unsolicited Applications.  Both unsolicited proposals and unsolicited applications should be sent to

Jobs with the U.S. Government

To find current job openings with the U.S. Government in Libya please visit:

Job Openings at the Embassy - U.S. Embassy in Libya (

USAID Youth Leadership Academy Libya
USAID implement partners host youth academy in Libya.