The goal of the USAID/Libya Strategic Framework, 2021-2024 is to strengthen the foundations of a more stable, inclusive, and self-reliant Libya. In support of that goal, the strategic framework has two Development Objectives (DOs):

  • To improve the effectiveness of key Libyan governance institutions, and
  • To see Libyans empowered to mitigate drivers of instability and conflict.

USAID assistance has a critical role in supporting an effective political transition in Libya, including through the provision of targeted development, stabilization, and humanitarian assistance. A primary focus for USAID/Libya in the near term will be to partner with the Libyan government and other international actors to support credible and transparent elections. To support an effective political transition, USAID/Libya will strategically invest in programs that promote political and economic stability and democratic governance for all Libyans, increase the ability of the government to deliver effective public services, and improve the climate for private-sector investment that fosters broad-based economic opportunity and benefits U.S. and Libyan business interests.