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  • Members of a USAID-supported Libyan youth group train university students on Libya’s transition to democracy.

Youth take part in a chess tournament at Sabha’s Al Nahda Sports Club.
Youth Sports Promote Peace in Libya
Libya's Women Activists Make Their Voice Heard
Libyan Women Speak Out: Constitution Must Promote Equality
Youth in Ghat voices his opinions on Libya's future
Libya Talks: Ushering in a Culture of Dialogue

About Libya

The United States Government is committed to working with the Libyan people to build a democratic and prosperous future.

In the aftermath of the Libyan revolution, USAID programs focused on bolstering key political and economic elements of Libya’s transition to a stable, prosperous democracy. The programs included emphasis on supporting civil society and media organizations to inform the public about political transition processes; building links between the government and its citizens and promoting justice, reconciliation and economic opportunity.  Today despite Libya’s political and security instability, USAID maintains its existing programming focused on strengthening the ability of the country’s representative governing bodies, independent institutions and civil society. USAID is helping Libyans as they navigate their transition to build a democratic and prosperous Libya that is a capable of utilizing its human, financial and natural resources for the benefit of all Libyans.

USAID is particularly focused on engaging marginalized populations, including youth, women and minorities, and increasing opportunities for their voices and interests to be heard in critical decision-making processes that will shape Libya’s future.   

Last updated: April 16, 2016

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