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Working in Crises and Conflict

Liberia crisis
U.S. food aid helps communities cope with crises and conflict
Justin Prud'homme/USAID

Working across nearly all of Liberia’s 15 counties to aid the transition from relief to development, USAID has helped communities create economic opportunities to reintegrate internally displaced persons, ex-combatants and others affected by the war.

In two of Liberia’s most populous, heterogeneous and conflict-prone counties, Lofa and Nimba, USAID is supporting community methods to resolve land disputes. USAID is also developing and expanding the role of community legal advisors to empower rural and marginalized communities to protect their rights and resolve conflict through alternative dispute resolutions. To build the leadership capacity of rural women in Liberia, USAID develops and strengthens their networks and economic empowerment. USAID supports the ability of rural women to help implement and design development projects that would be of benefit to them and their local communities.

Humanitarian Assistance

Following Côte d’Ivoire’s post-election violence in late November 2010, many Ivorians sought refuge in neighboring Liberia. Between the start of civil unrest and the cessation of large-scale conflict in April 2011, more than 170,000 refugees crossed into eastern Liberia, many of whom have since returned home. USAID supported Liberian villages that hosted Ivorian refugees through agriculture and food security, economic recovery, health, nutrition, protection, shelter, and water, sanitation and hygiene activities. 

Last updated: December 02, 2016

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