Strengthening m-Hero in Liberia Activity

The Ebola virus outbreak demonstrated the vital need for communication between health workers and the central Ministry of Health (MoH) so that both parties can make smarter more informed decisions. Accurate and timely reporting is important under normal circumstances, but it is particularly essential during emergency situations such as a mass disease outbreak. When the Ebola outbreak emerged, health officials did not have the information they needed to make timely decisions. When they did possess information, it was difficult to communicate quickly with health workers across the country even though all health workers, including those in remote areas have mobile phones. This fact (vast majority of health workers have mobile phones) presented a unique opportunity to increase information-sharing and performance within the health workforce – allowing the MoH managers to more quickly interact with those who are delivering health services.

To address the communication and information sharing gaps between health officials and frontline health workers, USAID is supporting the strengthening mHero in Liberia Activity. This activity was first implemented by IntraHealth from 2014 to Jan 2018 as part of USAID’s initial (Ebola Grand Challenge) and follow-on response to the crisis. After the phase out of Intrahealth in 2018 additional funds were provided for UNICEF to work with the MoH-HMER to sustain the gains made through initial investments in the HIS domain.

Last updated: February 19, 2019

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