m-Hero in Liberia Activity

The Ebola virus outbreak demonstrated the vital need for effective communication systems between health workers and the central Ministry of Health (MoH) to make informed decisions, which is especially essential during emergency situations such as a disease outbreak. To address the communication and information sharing gaps between health officials and frontline health workers, USAID is supporting the strengthening of the mHero in Liberia Activity. The activity will work to create an enabling environment for the use of mHero in routine and emergency situation and build the capacity of the MoH to use information for informed decision-making.

Current Activities

  • Develop a transition plan/strategy with the MoH to independently manage mHero during and after the end of the award
  • Revise and roll out mHero SOPs for workflow processes at central and county levels
  • Provide technical assistance to the MoH to transition the mHero platform from RapidPro to the Cloud
  • Support the MoH in the integration and utilization of mHero with three HIS sub-systems (eIDSR, iHRIS, eLMIS) through the SMS platform 
  • Document and package best practices, success stories, and challenge stories for using mHero.


Last updated: September 12, 2019

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