Strategic Technical Assistance for Improved Health System Performance and Health Outcomes Activity

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The Strategic Technical Assistance for Improved Health System Performance and Health Outcomes (STAIP) activity supports the Ministry of Health (MOH) to plan, finance and implement solutions aligned with the Government of Liberia’s (GoL) development priorities for health. Specifically, STAIP supports strengthening MOH’s systems to improve patient outcomes at primary health care facilities by providing sustainable capacity building and incentivizing better health systems performance through performance-based financing. STAIP also supports interventions leading to improved financial management and accountability for delivery of quality maternal and child health, family planning, and malaria services in primary level public health facilities.  The goal of the STAIP activity is to support delivery of efficient, responsive, equitable, and quality health services for improved access and health status for Liberians. The specific objectives are:

  • Management Capacity of County Health Teams (CHTs) and Select Units at MOH strengthened to drive health system performance improvement
  • Strengthened quality of reproductive, maternal, newborn, child, and adolescent (RMNCAH) and malaria primary health care services for improved health outcomes
  • Increase financial risk protection and better overall health sector financing

Current Activities:

  • Strengthen Public Financial Management to drive documentation, accountability management systems at national and sub national levels
  • Support contracting-in monitoring for optimized planning and implementation
  • Provide technical assistance to strengthen clinical management capacity of health facilities, district health teams, and CHTs to drive quality of care improvement
  • Support the National Malaria Control Program, County Health Teams, District Health Teams and health facilities to improve malaria outcomes and health systems performance in six counties 

Accomplishments to Date:

  • Four of six Fixed Amount Reimbursable Agreement activity supported counties including River Gee, Nimba, Grand Cape Mount, and Grand Gedeh are 70% compliant with MOH Public Financial Management standards. The standards were developed with technical assistance from STAIP embedded staff. County-specific assistance has resulted in timely update of cash books and completion of monthly bank reconciliation statements, controlled petty cash system, asset, and stock controls, and increased and timely financial reporting
  • In response to performance gaps identified during the nationwide county capacity assessment, STAIP supported the 12 implementation counties to develop county capacity building action plans which were integrated into county operational plans, and the 2020-2021 national Health Operational Plan
  • Supported the MOH to roll out the 2017 National Health Care Quality strategy, updated the Joint Integrated Supportive Supervision (JISS) tool, and revised the mentoring/coaching skills curriculum in 12 of 15 counties. This enabled the counties to strengthen or revitalize their quality management teams and conduct effective supportive supervision and mentoring visits


Last updated: February 17, 2021

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