Partnership for Advancing Community Based Services Activity

The Partnership for Advancing Community Based Services (PACS) works to strengthen the delivery of high quality community health and social welfare services by providing technical and operational support to the Ministries of Health (MOH), Public Works, and Gender, Child, and Social Protection, as well as to civil society organizations (CSO).  PACS supports interventions across four strategic objectives:

  • Broadened capacity of MOH, CHTs, Non-Governmental Organizations and CSOs to implement and manage community services;
  • Increased availability of sustainable and quality community-based health services;
  • Increased demand for and provision of community  health and social (child) welfare services; and
  • Improved access to safe water supply and sanitation at the community level. 

In Liberia’s post-Ebola context, which focuses on building resilient community health systems and services, PACS expanded its work to three (3) additional counties to:

  • Ensure rapid restoration of high quality community-based health and social welfare services, including  integrated Community Case Management (iCCM) of childhood illnesses;
  • Build community trust in health services, with special attention to border communities and other vulnerable (hard to reach) communities;
  • Strengthen community-level social mobilization and Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) structures


  • Supporting the MOH to implement its revised Community Health Services Policy and Strategic Plan
  • Supporting  the implementation of the National Community Health Assistants (CHA) program
  • Supporting  MOH social mobilization efforts in order to build trust and promote the utilization of essential services at health facilities and in communities
  • Building the capacity of indigenous CSOs to design, implement, and manage quality community-based programs
  • Facilitating community level linkages between health and WASH structures to function in a more cohesive, integrated manner across result areas

Last updated: February 15, 2019

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